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Like all classics, you have to start with the original. Gene Kilgore has dedicated his life work to our industry and has set the foundation for others to follow. We have benefitted from his commitment. He is the leader in the field and we are very grateful


Gene Kilgore - You certainly are the world leader in dude ranching and have done far more than anyone to further this wonderful American tradition


I want to express my overwhelming appreciation for all your efforts. Keep up the good work! You are the authority in this field


We stand in awe! You are like having all the railroads rolled into one and then accomplishing even more.


Gene Kilgore single-handedly introduced Dude Ranch Vacations to the world. He welcomed travelers from all walks of life to visit dude ranches. Gene is the champion of dude ranch vacations starting with his book Ranch Vacations, then moving onto Kilgore’s Ranchweb, and most recently Top50 Ranches. To be associated with such a committed group of professionals and represented globally is a distinct privilege. There is no better representation in the Dude Ranch Industry.


There are more experts on spas, cruises and ski resorts than stars in the heavens. But when it comes to Dude Ranches, Gene Kilgore is the expert, a star in his own right.

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Few, if any, people have the level of ranch vacation expertise Kilgore enjoys.


Kilgore, the world’s leading authority on guest ranches.

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In the ranch world or otherwise one can have no better friend than Gene Kilgore, an extraordinary gentlemen and the world’s foremost authority on Guest Ranches. Gene’s substantial marketing and networking efforts include; his guide-Ranch Vactions,,, and (and others) in celebrating the great American traditions of ranching while helping to introduce guests to extraordinary ranch vacations in North and South America...thanks, Gene, for telling the Guest Ranch story to the world and most of all for reconnecting us to ranching and ranchers.

Brooks Bradbury, General Manager, Rawah Ranch, Colorado